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Addon is broken right now, i'm working on fixing it but it could take a bit of time.
Use [RaidBot] for now.


SimPermut allows you to generate a string usable in SimulationCraft with all the different permutations for the items you have in your inventory. This makes comparing gear easy.

Latest updates also add talents permutations and Artifact generator, aswell as more control over the profiles created. 

Don't hesitate to go on the [SimcMinMax] Discord in the #simpermut-autosimc Channel to ask about specific stuff.

How Can I Use It?

/SimPermut [X[+Y[+Z...]]]

  • Select which items you want to sim.

  • Add enchants and gems on items that don't have any (you can force replace enchant and gem by ticking the checkbox).

  • Click Generate.

  • Copy the text and paste in simc.



You can also add parameters to pre-select an entire slot.

ie: /SimPermut finger+trinket

Will auto-select every ring and trinket and do a permutation with default parameters.

AutoSimC Export

You can also export selected gear to an AutoSimC data (input.txt) to externalize simc string generation. For a large number of items, it will be faster.

See [AutoSimC on GitHub]

Known issues and developement plan

- Fix Warforged TW items


- [Rework code]





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