53,636 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.0

This addon is not actively maintained anymore! If you want similar (and even better) functionality please use SimPermut.


Generates a Simulationcraft profile that compares all the trinkets in your inventory in every possible combination.


Just use the command /simct and a Simulationcraft profile will be generated for you.

Use /simcr to compare the rings in your inventory.

If you want to include items with an itemlevel below 800 just add an argument to the command, like this: /simct 600 or /simct 600


Please note: In order to improve performance and for a more convenient use of the Simulationcraft profile calculating scale factors will be disabled for the profiles generated by this addon.


This addon is based on the original Simulationcraft addon. Thanks a lot to the original creators of the Simulationcraft addon Theck and navv_! <3


If you have suggestions or encounter bugs feel free to leave a message in the comments on Curse, in the Bugtracker or via zro#2654


Experimental features:

You can use /simcbib to generate a full gear comparison, this feature is highly experimental and when used with too many items will crash your game. Use at your own risk!



v1.4.0: It is now possible to set the minimum itemlevel for trinkets/rings with adding an argument like /simct 700 or /simcr 700

v1.3.1: Fixed the ESC-Bug and some LUA errors

v1.3.0: Adapted the addon for patch 7.2

v1.2.0: Added EXPERIMENTAL support for a full best in bags comparison, also the Artifact Window is now hidden after the simc profile was generated.

v1.1.1: Disabled the comparison of items with itemlevel <800. Thanks to lukem for the PR.

v1.1.0: Added functionality to compare rings

v1.0.2: Calculating scale factors is now disabled by the SimC profile that is generated in order to imrpove performance.

v1.0.1: Minor bugfixes

v1.0.0: Initial release


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