Sigma Profession Filter (Classic)

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Sigma Profession Filter (Classic)
WoWClassic Addon to filter the recipes of professions







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Choose how to group your recipes

The standard UI automatically groups recipes by their ItemSubClass (left drop down menu), with this addon you can choose between ItemSubClass and ItemSlot (right drop down menu).



Search Box

This addon adds a searchbox to filter your recipes. It will check the name of the recipe, the name of the reagents and the name of the groups (from the drop down menus) the recipe is in.



Leatrix Plus Compatibility

This addon is compatible with Leatrix Plus feature that makes the profession frame larger which makes it much easier to navigate.



Filter: Have Materials

This addon adds a checkbox to only show the recipes you can make with the materials you have.



Filter: Has Skill Up

This addon adds a checkbox to only show the recipes that can make your skill in the profession go up.



Craft Frame compatibility

The WoW UI uses a different frame (called CraftFrame) for some professions. This addon adds customized dropdown menus for Enchanting and Beast Training. All other features are available for these professions as well.


Portrait Profession Icon

The standard UI puts the player's avatar in the profession's portrait frame. This addon allows to choose between the player's avatar or the profession icon.



Portrait Tooltips

When hovering with the mouse over the profession's portrait frame the tooltip of the profession will be displayed.



Difficulty Levels Information

The description of the recipe now includes information about the difficulty levels.



Craft Reagent Buttons

If the profession allows you to craft one of the reagents of the selected recipe, you will get a button to craft those reagents.



Favorite Recipes

You can choose your favorite recipes.



Unlearned Recipes

An optional filter can enable the visualization of unlearned recipes, including informations about the required skill to learn the recipe.



Other Custom Features

This addon is highly modular and it allows to define a lot of custom behaviours for any profession. As an example, when using Beast Training with an active pet the portrait will change to the icon of the pet's family and the tooltip will display the pet's unit tooltip. The right drop down menu also will change to highlight the family of your active pet. Filters are also customized for Beast Training.



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