Last Updated: Nov 25, 2014 Game Version: 6.0.3


Nov 6, 2014

Owner: phreakin

Shoutout is a basic automatic congratulations addon for players that earn achievements and join your guild. It has basic customization for message you want to send when players earn achievements or join your guild. Shoutout can be used for /guild , /say , and /party announcements and can be switched on or off individually. It is based off of Jinivus' AutoGratzer but given a little bit more personality.

Simple commands:

/so or /shoutout - to enable or disable addon /so or /shoutout <msg> - For configuration of shoutout message /so or shoutout guild - Enable or Disabled /guild shoutouts /so or shoutout party- Enable or Disabled /party shoutouts /so or shoutout say - Enable or Disabled /say shoutouts


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