ShotGlass Raid Frames

8,995 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2014 Game Version: 5.4.2

This project is inactive and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. The author may have abandoned it, or it may have outlived its usefulness.

Shot Glass is a simple grid-style Raid Frame, showing the Health, Mana, and Aggro status of your party or raid members, and can be configured to display specific auras that are placed on those characters.

No Libraries are used, which makes it a nice learning tool for people who are learning to code raid headers.

Additional Features

  • Incoming Heals: You'll see incoming heals as a subtle, semi-transparent bar, indicating the future health of the unit.
  • Aura Indicators: Along the top edge of each unit frame, there are three circular indicators. On the bottom edge, there are three triangular indicators. Stacks are displayed below the indicator.
  • Aggro Indicator: A red border will light up around any unit that acquires aggro.
  • Range: Units out of your range will shrink in size.
  • Mana: Only mana is indicated; Rage, Runic Power, Energy, etc are not shown.

Aura Configuration

I've included two configuration files with the current package. (For Druid and Priest) Feel free to use those files as a template for your own customization. You can access the TrackedAuras table from your own LUA file, if you wish. (Be sure to make ShotGlass a dependency of your addon) Alternatively, you can edit the included file. An example:

local TrackedAuras = ShotGlassRaidFrames.TrackedAuras

-- Rejuvenation
TrackedAuras[GetSpellInfo(774)] = {
	position = 1, 
	color = {r = .8,g = 0, b = .8, a = 1},}		

The "Addon" button on your Character Selection Screen will allow you to Enable or Disable the Aura List for each character.


Please leave suggestions and bug reports in the Ticket Tracker:


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