Share The Rare (Hunter Helper)

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5


Jul 30, 2017

Owner: KiLLerBoy_001

Will Use a New "Realm-Wide" Channel you automatically join, to automatically send and recieve notifications of certain hard to find / rare tameable creatures.
This will help any hunter track that hard to find pet they so desire. Works much like NPC_Scan but then for the hunter pets and teh fact that it shares it with anybody else having this addon.. 

Knowledge is power, So why not share it. 

Technically if everybody used this addon nobody would ever need to search / wait for a spawn again for that rare pet, cause the more people use it the more usefull it will become.

It includes tracking for following creatures.

  • Skoll
  • Karoma
  • Arcturis
  • Ghostcrawler
  • Ban'thalos
  • Loque'nahak
  • Gondria
  • Ankha
  • Magria
  • Lightning Paw
  • Bulvinkel
  • Terrorpene
  • King Krush
  • Sambas
  • Aotona

Have future plans to make you able to select what pets you want to be notified of, so you only get notified if you want to... 

Sharing is Caring......


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