Sessions Messenger

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*** I've abandoned this project. If you'd like to pick it up please get in touch, I can share dev files so it can be finished/polished. Thanks for using SM <3 ***


10.0 Dragonflight Update: New update out! Several modules disabled, namely the History module and the support for channel messages(it will only work for whispers and bnet chat). Mind the bugs. WIP.


Sessions Messenger is a chat inferface. Its main goals are to organize chats better than the default option and add a bit of personality to in-game messaging.

- A large text input box for typing long messages, allowing for vertical scrolling to double-check what you just typed a minute ago
- Send small messages, send big messages!
- All your active conversations organized in one place: no additional windows
- Save message history


Ongoing localization efforts. Support for frFR.

Please send me your bugs! I am reachable here, on SM's Discord: https://discord.gg/YSTJaN5E46