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Seed Raid aims to automate as much of the raid leader duties when conducting a 10 man seed raid in Legion.


A seed raid is when 10 herbalists each plant seeds, spawning herb nodes, from which 10 people can gather. Combined with Rank 3 Aethril Gathering, which gives the possibility of spawning a new node while gathering, this leads to massive gold for everyone involved!


Features which will help the raid leader are:

  • Seeds planted by each raid member.
  • Color of raid member changes if they've finished planting, or have left the raid.
  • Number of members in the raid.
  • Whispers a raid member when their turn to plant is over.
  • Configurable total seed counts, round sizes, and whisper intervals.
  • Types of seeds each raid member has planted.
  • Loot each raid member has gotten.


  • Left click mini-map icon to show/hide the window.
  • Right click mini-map icon to clear seed counts, loot, and players no longer in the raid.
  • Middle click mini-map icon to toggle whispering player seed counts (if raid leader).