Satchel Scanner

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5


Dec 31, 2011

Owner: Exzu

Satchel Scanner

Back in the end of 2011 Blizzard implemented a feature known as "Call to Arms". This was introduced to reduce waiting times inside the Dungeon Finder by handing out a reward to certain specializations.

The reward for when there was an shortage of i.e Tanks or Healers, would be a "Satchel". Given to the specialization if they signed up and completed the dungeon. These Satchels contains appropriate loot for the current expansion. Gold, items, etc.

This addon scans the Dungeon Finder/Raid Finder for when Call to Arms is active.

If there is an reward available (Legion - Shattered Satchel of Cooperation), you will be notified.

If there is a satchel for (Tank/Healer/Dps) from Instance X it will notify you with warning that you can get a Satchel from Instance X for Specialization Y.

How do I use the addon?

  • '/ss3 toggle'                     This will show the Mainframe of the addon.
  • '/ss3 config'                     This will open the configuration page.
  • '/ss3 reset'                       This will reset the addon to it's default settings
  • '/ss3 reset-counter'        This will reset the satchel counter
  • '/ss3 start'                        This will start the scanner
  • '/ss3 stop'                        This will stop the scanner
  • '/ss3 faq'                          This will open the FAQ/About page

Once the addon is open:

Press 'Start' to start scanning and 'Stop' to stop scanning
Pressing X will hide the frame and you will have to show it again by using /ss3 toggle
The addon still scans while being hidden, if an satchel is found the Main window will show itself.


You can currently scan for Satchels from Heroic/Mythic/Timewalking and all open Looking For Raid wings! The addon will automatically resize itself depending on your scanning options.

You can currently choose to do the following

  • Play Soundwarnings when an Satchel is found.
  • Show an raidwarning when an Satchel is found.
  • Scan while inside an instance, allows you to find satchels while inside an instance or pause while you're inside it.
  • Scan while in group, allows you to find satchels while in an group that are usually hidden by default while in a group.
  • Change the scanner interval (How often the scanner checks the Dungeon Finder/RaidFinder if there is an Call to Arms)
  • Choose between scanning for either, Tank, Healer or Dps.
  • Choose multiple dungeons and raids.


Q: Is it true that DPS can recieve a Shattered Satchel of Cooperation?

A: Yes. DPS can receive Satchels from both Dungeons and Raidfinder, while uncommon that CTA is being called for DPS it does happen on occasion.

Q: Why does Satchel Scanner list that an Satchel is available when I'm in a group but when I open the Dungeon Finder there's nothing there?

A: This is Intended and not on my end. You will have to leave your Party/Raid to be able to Queue for the Reward. Note: Queuing while inside an group will not give you an satchel.

Q: Why doesn't Satchel Scanner scan while inside an LFG/LFR Queue?

AThis is intended. While inside an LFG or LFR Queue the addon will not scan for satchels. This is because it already assumes you've queued up for an Satchel.

Q: Will you add the option to Auto-Queue when an Satchel is available?

A: No. This will never make it into the addon.

Q: The addon just says "Scanning..." is it still working?

A: Yes, unless something have changed in the game this text will change when an satchel becomes available.


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