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Simple totem bar



V 3.2 (20.09.2021)

- WF totem will now show affected party members with weapon enchant (requires party members to have LibWFcomm/Windfurycomm)

- Updated savedvariables for tremor totem to have 4 sec pulse (was already 4 sec for people with new installations)

- Fixed some issues where active totems lingered longer then active

- Added active totem wipe on changing zones / player death




Party member affected

WFTotem affected

What classes should we show on WF counter?



V 3.1.1 BETA (01.06.2021)

- Show red overlay over active totem if player is out of range


V 3.0 (30.05 2021)

- Ensure all totem lists exists in savedvariables


V 2.9 (19.05 2021 14.49)
- Ensures Totem of Wrath (and other totems) are present in saved variables.


V 2.8 (25.05 2021 15:25)

- Added TBC compatibility (thanks for fix by kylef000)


V 2.6 (28.09.2019 03:16)

  • - Fixed a bug where all totems was disabled by default (for new users or users that reseted config)
  • - Changed moving of bar to use an overlay frame (Your old positioning may be abit off, had to change anchoring)
  • - Added the ability to disable pulse timers
  • - Addon now fires OnButtonContentsChanged event when changing totems


If you still can't move the frame, try doing a reset again.

 Thanks to FireStoat for helping me identify the problem



    - Totem lists for each element

    - Keybinding for casting selected totem in each list

    - Changing / Casting totems from list in combat

    - Cooldowns for totems

    - Duration for active totems

    - Counter for affected party members for each totem (that supports it, sadly wf does not)

    - Pulse timing for Tremor, Windfury and Grounding Totem

    - Fifth totem list with only Windfury totem, for twisting



    - Windfury buff timer on twist totem

    - Warning when a totem expires

    - MAYBE support for Masque (I havent checkd it out yet, but if its easy i will do it)



Slash commands /stt or /samytotemtimers\ Configuration can also be found in Interface Options/Addons/SamyTotemTimers

/stt lock (Toggles frame lock)
/stt reset (Resets everything except keybindings)
/stt scale (Size of frame)



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