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IMPORTANT: This addon is in heavy development.  Expect features to change throughout the development lifecycle!




The Saddlebag Exchange ingame market addon for WoW! The addon will generate the json data needed to interact with the saddlebag exchange discord and website functions.


We have resolved the CurseForge issues and the addon can now be managed using the CurseForge App!


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The first function that pops up will generate json data for undercut alerts! Our discord bot will then use this data to track the price levels of your auctions vs the blizzard auction api data and alert you via discord when we find that you have been undercut.  The great thing about our tool is that it can alert you when you are away from the auction house or even when your are offline as it relies on web api data instead of in game data.


When you open the auction house window and go to your auctions, our addon can generate json data containing:

  • Your realm name
  • Your region
  • A list of auction data containing the item id and price (in copper) for each of your active auctions.


Addon Undercuts Json Example:




See the addon images section for examples on how to use the discord bot.


Discord Alert message example:


This json data from this window can be copied to your clipboard and pasted into our discord bot.  The discord bot will then track these price levels and alert you every hour after the blizzard auction api updates when this auction price level is in several states:

  • The price level is not found, this means that the auction has sold, expired or the blizzard api has not yet picked it up.
  • The price level is found and it is the lowest on the stack, this means you are not undercut.
  • The price level is found and it is not the lowest on the stack, this means you have been undercut.


The alerts will not find your specific auctions and if you are undercut at the same price level then changes are not detected.  Thats why we recommend using a unique amount of sliver when pricing your items to make your auction easy to identify.


Future additions in development:

In game connection to various saddlebag searches such as our:

  • Price level alerts json data generator
  • S&P 500 style heat map of dragonflight markets by market value
  • Dragonflight TSM average price and sale rate search


Known issues:

  • Undercut JSON dialog is not skinned properly - Need to wait on AddonSkins to approve our skin
  • Commodities are currently indexed for Undercut Alerts - This is not ideal since they move so fast through the AH


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