Similar to Blizzard's Equipment Manager, Rune Manager allows you to save loadouts of runes and give your loadout a name. You can easily click the loadout later and quickly click the buttons to reapply all your runes for that loadout. 


  • Easily create rune loadouts based on currently equipped runes
  • Quickly switch between them with a convenient interface
  • One click rune application to skip the prompts
  • Visual feedback lets you know what runes you need to apply from a saved loadout
  • Save as many sets as you want


  • Access the addon by simply pressing C to open your character sheet.
  • Use the blizzard UI to engrave a group of runes you want to save as a Rune Set. Then, click the Create button to save the Rune Set.
  • An icon selection window will appear where you can name your set, click Okay, and pick an icon and hit Confirm.
  • Now a Rune Set will show up in the main window of the addon. If you click on that rune set, you will see all the runes you had equipped when you created it.
  • You can now change to different runes. When you want to switch back, click the Rune Set you saved, and you'll see the runes glowing that you need to apply again. 
  • Click the glowing runes and wait for them to be applied to your gear. This will skip the prompt asking to apply the rune to the gear.