Rune Manager (SoD)


RuneManager frame

Rune Manager is a simple, lightweight addon designed to make managing runes easier. It creates a movable and configurable window with expanding buttons that show all runes for your class and allow for single-click rune swapping. Also provides a tool for saving collections of runes as sets for easy bulk rune swapping when needing to change several at once.


Now includes an option for showing runes that have yet to be obtained in the list of runes for each slot. Right-click any of these greyed-out buttons to get a link to the Wowhead guide for obtaining that respective rune.


Additional Features

  • Configurable buttons - show icons for equipped items or icons for applied runes
  • Collapsible/Expandable window for occupying less screen space when not used
  • Ability to hide the default Engraving frame that appears when opening the character frame
  • Several display configuration options for tweaking the appearance (full demo of options below)
  • Ability to auto-remove spells that are pushed to the actionbar after applying a rune that teaches a spell (example below)



Usage Overview

Preview of usage


Options Menu Overview

Options menu preview



Pushed Actionbar Spell Removal

Demonstration of actionbar pushed spell removal