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rp:tags lets you create custom unit frames based on fields from roleplaying profiles, such as those used by totalRP3, MyRolePlay, or XRP. This lets you choose which information is most important to you, and display it.

rp:tags functions in three modes: standalone mode, ElvUI mode, and parallel mode.

What's a Unit Frame?

Unit frames are the frames on your screen that display information about specific units -- for example, yourself ("Player" frame), your target ("Target"), your focus ("Focus"), or your target's target("TargetTarget").

In ElvUI mode, you can use rp:tags in your unit frames alongside the normal set of tags found in ElvUI.

In standalone mode, rp:tags launches a set of unit frames, called rp:UnitFrames, that you can customize in terms of layout and screen location. There are four panels for tags and six slots for icons, and you can choose which rp:tags to use in those panels.

In standalone mode, you can choose to keep the default Blizzard unit frames alongside the rp:UnitFrames, or just use the rp:UnitFrames.

In parallel mode, both the rp:UnitFrames and ElvUI's unit frames are enabled and can display rp:tags.

What's an rp:tag?

A tag is simply a word encased in square brackets; they define what your user interface will show you. All of the tags included in rp:tags start with "rp:" (with a couple exceptions), and they are based on details that other people have set in their trp3, MRP, or XRP profiles.

Examples of rp:tags include:

  • [rp:name] to display the unit's roleplaying name.
  • [rp:race] to display the unit's roleplaying race (which might not be their in-game race).
  • [rp:class] to display the unit's roleplaying class (which might not be their in-game class).
  • [rp:color] to change the color of following tags to the unit's class color in trp3.
  • [rp:icon] to show the unit's main icon, a la trp3.
  • [rp:age] to show the unit's age.
  • ... and many more! See the rp:Reference panel in totalRP3 configuration for a list.

Tags can be combined, such as in this example:

[rp:gendercolor][rp:gender] [rp:color][rp:class] [rp:race]

This would change the color of the following tags to one based on the gender of the unit (fully configurable, and recognizing binary and non-binary genders), then show the gender, then change the color to the unit's class color, then display the roleplaying class and the roleplaying race.


  • rp:tags is a plugin to totalRP3, so you need to have that installed. Your unit frames will still be able to read to profiles from MRP, XRP, and any similar roleplaying addons.


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