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May 11, 2018

Owner: Oraibi

The [rp:tags] addon is a bridge between TotalRP3, a Mary Sue Protocol client, and ElvUI, a UI addon.

ElvUI is used to create a custom user interface instead of the stock Blizzard UI. With [rp:tags], you can make unit frames -- usually the "target" frame -- designed specifically for roleplaying, and hide non-RP information. ElvUI also lets you set up profiles, so you can easily switch between a PVE/PVP user interface to your RP UI, and back again.

Sample RP UI

[rp:tags] adds a number of tags to ElvUI based on TotalRP3 fields, colors, and other qualities related to roleplaying. For example,

[rp:statuscolor][rp:ooc][rp:npc] [rp:color][rp:name], [rp:gendercolor][rp:gender] [rp:race] [rp:class]

Which means:

Gina Gadget, Female Gnome Steam Knight

· If the unit is an NPC, display [NPC] in a color reserved for NPCs (configurable in TRP3)

· If the unit is a PC and they're not in character, display [OOC] in your chosen out-of-character color

· Display the character's name (or unitname as a fallback) in the color they have set on their TRP3 profile

· Display the character's gender in the color you've chosen for that gender, e.g. pink for girls, blue for boys (change these please!)

· Display the character's RP race, such as "Ren'dorei", as set in their TRP3/MSP profile

· Display the character's RP class, such as "Void Dancer", as set in their TRP3/MSP profile

You need to have both TRP3 and ElvUI installed in order to use this. Configuration is via TRP3.

Configuration via TRP3


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