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rpTags lets you create custom unit frames using information drawn from roleplaying addons, such as MyRolePlay or Total RP 3.

To use rpTags, you need one of each of these:

  • A roleplaying addon -- currently MyRolePlay and Total RP 3 are supported
  • A unit frames addon -- currently ElvUI and rpUnitFrames are supported.

rpUnitFrames is included with rpTags, so even if you use the stock Blizzard unit frames, you can still use rpTags.

What's an rp:tag?

A tag is a string of text that tells the unit frame addon what you'd like to display. All of the tags in rpTags are prefaced by rp: and look like this:


You can string tags together to add them to your unit frames. For example:

[rp:color][rp:name][nocolor]: [rp:race] [rp;class] [rp:icon] [rp:statuscolor][rp:curr][nocolor]

If you added this to the target unit frame (in rpUnitFrames or in ElvUI), you'd see the following when you targeted someone:

  • First, their roleplaying name, in whatever their chosen color is -- set in their own RP profile in MyRolePlay, Total RP 3, or XRP. If they don't have a color, their name will be in the default text color. If they don't have an RP name, then their character name will be shown.
  • Then, their roleplaying race and their roleplaying class. If they don't have either, the default will be shown -- the actual game race and game class.
  • That's followed by their RP profile icon.
  • Finally, in either green (for in-character) or red (for out-of-character), their "currently" field from their profile will be shown.

How Do I Use rpTags?

You should be able to make it work just by installing it. It will unpack into 6 different addons, which are modular interfaces between rpTags and other addons:

  • RP_Tags, the core addon
  • RP_Tags_MyRolePlay, an rpClient module interfacing with MyRolePlay
  • RP_Tags_totalRP3, an rpClient module interfacing with Total RP 3
  • RP_Tags_ElvUI, a unitFrames module interfacing with ElvUI
  • RP_UnitFrames, a unitFrames addon with its own built-in interface module
  • RP_Tags_Listener, a dataSource module interfacing with Listener

Each module has a dependency the addon with which it interfaces; so if you don't have MyRolePlay installed, for example, RP_Tags_MyRolePlay will automatically disable itself.

You can, of course, toggle each module on and off from WoW's addon menu, either before you enter the game or from within the game itself.

rpUnitFrames will load by default, but you can disable each frame individually or all in one fell swoop from the options.

Configuring rpTags

You can configure rpTags (and rpUnitFrames) by going to the Interface menu in WoW, or by typing /rptags in the chat window to open the configuration menu.

What other cool things can I do?

If you're using ElvUI, you can also include rp:tags in your Name Plates. Go to "Name Plates" in ElvUI and set various tags. For example, you can set it to show you someone's RP name and title without you having to mouse-over or target them.

If you're using rpUnitFrames and ElvUI, you can set up two sets of unit frames -- the normal ones you that you use when you're out out in the world questing or whatever, and a set just for displaying roleplaying information. rpUnitFrames is made to complement ElvUI, not replace it.

You can zoom in and out on the 3D portraits, that's always fun.

If you want extra fonts to use, check out rpFonts.


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