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(RotaCast - This version is for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight)


RotaCast is a powerful and easy to use addon that allows you to create a sequence of spells, macros, items or actions that can be cast sequentially with a single button, hotkey or mouse wheel.


Adding to the sequence is as simple as drag and drop!


With lots of different settings and options you're bound to find something that suits your play style!


Use RotaCast simply as a rotation helper, or enable some of its options for extra fun! For example:- Enable Scroll Casting + Auto Target, then just by scrolling the mouse wheel, watch as an entire group of enemies falls before you one by one!



Coming Soon:



New Features:

  • Cast Sequence can now be switched during combat



  • Improved Range Indicator
  • Ability to Import and Export Cast Sequences
  • Most Key Bindings can be customized
  • Ctrl+F1 - F12 can now be used to switch to a specific cast sequence
  • Cast Sequence Bar now hidden using Shift+Escape
  • Option to ignore GCD (Global Cooldown) added to "Skip On Cooldown" and "Wait On Cooldown"
  • Option to skip an item in the rotation if it's unavailable
  • Show Cast Sequence Bar when entering combat
  • Show Cast Button when entering combat
  • Lock Positions
  • Lots of new options for cooldowns, casting conditions, etc...  See in game help for full details!
  • Ability to set something to only cast once during rotation loops.  Could be useful for things such as changing forms, aspects, hunters mark, etc...
  • Turn Scroll Casting on/off using middle mouse button
  • Hotkeys are now set per spec
  • Auto Targeting
  • Pet Abilities Can Now Be Added
  • Spells, Macros, Items, Trinkets supported
  • Customize Cast Button appearance and size
  • Multiple cast sequences supported
  • Cycle through cast sequences using hotkeys
  • Rotation sequences saved per class and specialization
  • Lots of sequence reset options, such as switching target, Enter/Leave combat
  • Sequences may be edited dynamically, even during combat!
  • If the next spell in the sequence is unable to be cast due to cooldown, you may choose to wait or simply skip over it to the next.
  • Once the last spell in the sequence has been cast it will loop back to the beginning
  • And many more...



Minimap Button

  • Left click to Show / Hide Cast Button
  • Right click to Show / Hide Cast Sequence
  • Middle click to Show / Hide Options


Options Screen


  • Open Hotkey Options by clicking "Set Hotkeys"
  • Turn Scroll Casting on / off by clicking "Scroll Cast"
  • Use "Toggle With Middle Button" to enable / disable the middle button from turning Scroll Casting on / off


Hotkey Options

  • Set Hotkeys by typing the key or key combination in the boxes, click "Done" when finished
  • Cancel a Hotkey by clearing it's box, click "Done" when finished
  • Use Either Left or Right Modifier - Sets modifier key to be non Left or Right specific


Cast Sequence Reset

  • Only During Combat - "Reset On Target Switch" will only reset Cast Sequence during combat
  • On Entering Combat - Reset Cast Sequence when entering combat
  • On Leaving Combat - Reset Cast Sequence when leaving combat
  • On Target Switch - Reset Cast Sequence when target is changed


Cast Button Appearance

  • Show Background Image - Show / Hide the Cast Button background
  • Show Cooldowns - Show / Hide spell cooldowns on the Cast Button
  • Cast Button Size - Resize the Cast Button


Casting Options

  • Auto Target - Automatically target the next available target if there isn't a current target, or the current target is killed
  • Use Cast Sequence 1 As Combat Default - Automatically switches to Cast Sequence 1 when combat starts
  • Ignore GCD - "Skip On Cooldown" and "Wait On Cooldown" will ignore cooldown if it's because of GCD (Global Cooldown)


General Options

  • Lock Positions - Turns dragging of buttons and screens on / off
  • Show Cast Button When Entering Combat - Turns automatic showing of Cast Button when entering combat on / off
  • Show Cast Sequence Bar When Entering Combat - Turns automatic showing of Cast Sequence Bar when entering combat on / off



  • Restore Default Positions - Restore all windows and Cast Button to their default positions
  • Info Button - Show help screen


Import / Export Options

  • To export a Cast Sequence click "Export", copy the text that appears in the box, then visit the website listed at the top of the screen (http://www.ezcsjim.com/forum) and paste it there
  • To import a Cast Sequence, visit the website (http://www.ezcsjim.com/forum) and copy some Cast Sequence data, paste into the box, then click "Import"
  • Use the options to control how Cast Sequence data will be imported

Make sure to only import or export valid Cast Sequence data, anything else may cause unexpected results or errors!


Cast Sequence Bar

  • Click the "Gear" icon for options to add or delete a Cast Sequence
  • Use the Up / Down buttons or Hotkeys (Default: Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down) to cycle through Cast Sequences
  • Use Hotkeys (Default: Ctrl+F1 - F12) to switch to a specific Cast Sequence
  • Drag spells/items/macros around on the Cast Sequence bar to reorder them
  • Replace a spell/item/macro by dragging a new one over it
  • Left click a spell/macro/item on the Cast Sequence bar to set it as the next to be cast
  • Right click a spell/item/macro on the Cast Sequence Bar to show its Unique Cast Menu


Cast Button

  • Drag spells/items/macros onto the Cast Button to add them to Cast Sequence
  • Left click to cast
  • Right click to reset Cast Sequence
  • Middle click to Hide Cast Button


Unique Cast Menu

  • Cast Only Once - Only cast once per rotation loop
  • Wait For Pet To Attack First - Wait for pet to attack before casting
  • Skip On Cooldown - Skip over a spell /item if it's on cooldown
  • Wait On Cooldown - Wait until spell /item is off cooldown
  • Requires Target - Only cast if there's a target
  • Skip If Item Unavailable - Skip over an item if it's not currently in your inventory
  • Wait If Uncastable/Unusable - After casting wait if the spell /item was uncastable /unusable (e.g. spell failed)
  • Remove From Sequence - Remove from the current cast sequence



  • When "Toggle With Middle Button" is enabled, click the middle mouse button to turn Scroll Casting on / off
  • When Scroll Casting is turned on, scroll the mouse wheel to cast the current Cast Sequence
  • "Escape" key can be used to Hide/Close Options Screen, Unique Cast Menu
  • Shift+Escape can be used to Hide Cast Sequence Bar
  • Shift+Drag to move Cast Button


Slash Commands

  • Type "/Rotacast", "/rotacast", "/Rota", "/rota" in chat window for a list of available Slash Commands