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Rewatch is an addon to help you monitor your healing-over-time (HoT) spells as a druid. There's an easy main window which you can move around, which will contain six bars for every target; a healthbar, energy-/rage-/manabar, lifebloom bar, rejuvenation bar, regrowth bar and a wild growth bar. Simply click a spell bar to cast that spell on that specific player and watch the clicked bar channel down as the corresponding HoT spell runs out.

Party- and raidhealing has never been so easy!



  • Automatically adds frames for party- and raidmembers.
  • Click a healthbar to target that player.
  • Click a spellbar to cast that spell on that player, and watch as the bar channels down as the HoT runs out.
  • Spellbars are by default: Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Regrowth and optionally Wild Growth.
  • If enabled, spell buttons are by default: Swiftmend, Nature's Cure, Ironbark, Healing Touch and Efflorescence.
  • Player frames will highlight aggro in red, poisons in green, and curses in purple.
  • Alt-click on a healthbar to cast Nature's Cure on that player.
  • Shift-click on a healthbar to Revive / Rebirth that player.
  • Ctrl-click on a healthbar to cast Innervate on that player.

All of the important spells, right at a single click away. Told you it was easy!

Recommended are using mouse-over macro's, these make your life even easier. Just mouse-over the playerframe of the player you want to heal, and hit the keybind to your mouse-over macro. You can find these macro's here:


You can adjust the AddOn to fit your needs in the options menu, accessible through the command '''/rewatch options''' or '''Esc > Interface > AddOns > Rewatch'''. Note that these options are not processed live; you will have to click '''Okay''' to save and confirm changes before they have effect. That means if you click '''Cancel''', all options will revert back. Exception to this are the bars- and framecolors, these are directly processed and have no undo feature.

Did you know?

  • The cooldown of CR is displayed on the Wild Mushroom button.
  • Rightclick the HP bar for some extra options: to remove this player, add his/her pet, or highlight for a quick view.
  • The command '''/rewatch sort''' re-organises your frames, sometimes it's messed up after a few replacements in the raid.
  • Limit the total number of frames in your Rewatch frame by using '''/rewatch maxPlayers [number]'''.
  • Rightclick the main Rewatch frame to (un)lock it.
  • Try some preset layouts using '''/rewatch layout'''.
  • In the Highlighting options, add some aura's you need to be careful of. I'll fill this list myself over time by raiding, please feel free to contribute!
  • Organise the player frames in columns instead of rows, so the frame will grow top-to-bottom instead of left-to-right!

Special thanks

  • Bobn64 for his maintenance on this AddOn while I was gone!
  • SJSlane for the support and testing with WoD!
  • Bakkax for the quick code patches for Legion!


  • Hee-seon (Korean)
  • Thomas Friedrich (German)
  • Didier ''Silvio'' Carmin (French)
  • Jkon @ Tyrande (Spanish)
  • alkiviad (Russian)


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