Retail UI

Retail UI

World of Warcraft Retail's UI, recreated for Classic/TBC, with added features

Small mage

Slash Commands

Type /rui/retail, or /retailui to toggle the options menu

Options menu


Upcoming features

  • Only show micro menu and bags on hover


Before posting an issue

Make sure Retail UI is up to date and you've disabled all other AddOns
If the issue still occurs, post the following:

  • Describe the issue
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Retail UI version
  • Error logs (if possible)
  • Additional context (screenshots etc)


Known issues

  • Pet bar sometimes becoming stuck when in-combat (see comment)
  • Dark theme's focus target's target texture




BlizzCon introduced a glimpse of its new expansion content and features.

One of the features was visual improvements to the UI we're all familiar with.


From watching the BlizzCon streams (Xaryu's), I studied and re-created the new UI textures.

Originally a passion project, the AddOn was born! At the time, it was called "Battle for Azeroth UI".

Through this AddOn, players a way to experience the upcoming UI before its release.
Trivia: you can find this original AddOn here.



WoW Classic was released!

The AddOn was ported over to Classic. Eventually it was renamed to "Retail UI".

Trivia: ironically, Xaryu himself also started using the AddOn at this point.



WoW TBC was released!

The community extended this AddOn to work in TBC and created videos about the AddOn.

Soon after, Retail UI was officially updated for TBC!