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*** Now includes classic reputations (sorting in progress)**

Outline of features implemented:

User interface:
  • Shows all TBC reputations
  • Shows all TBC quests that reward rep (and which of your characters can/have completed them)
  • Shows amount of reputation awarded in the quest log and on quest givers (for TBC Reputations)
  • Tracks dailies
  • Shows dungeon information for rep and unlocking purposes
  • Simple walk through of attunements with progress of alts  
  • Adjusts reputation output in chat window -Faction name | gain/loss | (current standing with value)
  • Linking an item that has a reward (such as a tier token) by itself also adds the rewards to the same chat  
Item Tooltips:
  • For items that are used to increase reputation, the faction name and rep increases are added to the top of the tooltip
  • A list of alts that meet the requirements are added with their standings (Can hold Alt to see all alts on the server)
  • For items that start a quest the tooltip also tells you if you have completed the quest
  • For items that have a quest reward, the reward tooltip will be shown next to the item's tooltip. If there are multiple rewards pressing Ctrl cycles the reward
  • Shows junk message on quest items that get left in bags  
Minimap button / LDB:
  • Tooltip with daily reset time, dailies completed, sessions reputation changes and currently watched factions standing
  • Watched faction changes automatically with reputation gains (optional)
  • Can manually set watched faction by Ctrl-Clicked on a reputation Blizzards Reputations page, or on a reputation hyperlink
  • Left click to open or type /reputable or /rep  
Daily reset time vs time dailies change:
  • This is different across servers, correct me if I'm wrong. What I've coded in is as below:
  • PDT/PST servers: The available random dailies change at the same time as reset
  • EDT/EST servers: The available random dailies change 22 hours after reset
  • AEST/AEDT servers: The available random dailies change 7 hours after reset
  • If you're on a server that has a difference you should now see something like this on Reputables Minimap tooltip:
  • If this is incorrect please type /rep dailyTime and post the results (and what you believe the correct time difference is) Should look like this:
  • To manually change the time difference type /rep dailyTime # where # = the difference in hours


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