Renewing Mist Tracker

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Game Version 5.1.0
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    - Corrected UI error when in off spec mode
    - Curse updater fix
    - Added a compact mode. Use /rem compact or /rem c to toggle between compact and standard mode.
    - The spells in the indicator area are now clickable.
    -  Converted the code internally to use spell IDs.  Using spell names does not work for non english clients.
    -  Corrected an issue where pending renewing mists on players would show if you left the group before renewing mist had expired.
    - Corrected an issue that could occur if the add-on attempted to load spell data before the player login event had fired.
    - The uplift indicator was not displaying as intended with the new data storage, this issue has been corrected in 1.05.04
    - Release of the more memory efficient version.
    - Added a slash command of /rem
        The only command at this point is '/rem scale #' this will allow you to scale the size of the frame.
    - Added a more efficient and light weight data store for units with renewing mist and their unit info.
    - Reorganized some code
    - Changed the version numbering to: Major.Minor.Incremental this should make bug fix releases more clear than new feature releases
    - Made the memory cleanup run less frequently.
1.04 r2:
    - Clearing memory that is no longer used by the addon more frequently.
    - When Renewing Mist heals it will now flash the amount healed on the player's renewing mist progress bar. Format: effective ( over healing )
    - Added an indicator for Mana Tea
    - Added an Uplift indicator
    - The uplift indicator will highlight when 3 or more players with your Renewing Mist are under 80% health
    - Corrected an issue that caused the tracker frame to show on non monk characters.
    - AutoHide the Tracker window when the player is not in the Mistweaver specialization
    - The Renewing Mist indicator will no longer refresh for global cool downs.
    - Added indicators for Renewing Mist and Thunder Focus Tea
    - Changed the color of player names to their class color
    - Ordered the Renewing Mist progress bars by duration remaining ascending
    - Corrected an issue that could cause the last raid or group member to not be checked.  Moved the current unit's health percent to the right hand side, and had the text dynamically change color with the unit's health level.