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Have you ever thought "Ah, man, I forgot to make Living Steel yesterday!" or "Shoot, the daily reset is in an hour and I forgot to run the Stormwind Offensive dailies!"?

Reminders is here to help!  Simply type in what you want to be reminded about, choose if you want to be reminded daily or weekly, add in some simple conditions, and you're all set!  The reminder will be checked at the proper interval, and, if the character fits the conditions, the reminder will pop up!


The available conditions allow you to only trigger the reminder for a specific character, characters that have certain professions, characters that are at, below, or above a specific level or ilevel, or all your characters.


There are two intervals to choose from - daily and weekly.  Daily will remind you on server's daily reset or the next time you log in.  Weekly will remind you on the server's weekly reset (Tuesdays at 3am PST) or the next time you log in.


If you have a specific character named Leeroy you use for grinding rep, you would set up a daily reminder where name is equal to "Leeroy".

If you want all of your alchemists to remember to craft Living Steel every day, you'd set up a daily reminder where profession is equal to "Alchemy".

Let's say you want your characters that are level 90 or above to run Firelands every week, you'd set up a weekly reminder where level is equal to or greater than 90.

class, profession, and name conditions only support equals. level and ilevel support equal, less than, greater than, less than or equal to, and greater than or equal to. self is a shortcut to "name = <name of the character that created the reminder>"


  • Snooze button. Puts the reminder to sleep for 10 minutes.


/reminders - Toggles the Reminders UI open or closed /reminders (show|open) - Opens the Reminders UI /reminders eval - Forces an evaluation of your reminders /reminders opt|opts|option|options|config - Opens addon options /reminders debug - Toggles debugging for the app /reminders delete id - Deletes the reminder with the id. Can get the id by turning on debugging. /reminders reset - Deletes all your reminders. Use with caution. Not reversible.


When a Reminder is created it will appear in the list as a button in the main UI. You can left click on the button to force the system to evaluate that reminder. That's mostly for test purposes so I don't know if that functionality will stay.

You can also Alt+Click on a Reminder button to delete the Reminder.


  • Text isn't internationalized.  If you're interested in helping, let me know!


  • Since comma is used as the separator internally, commas are stripped out of your reminder message and value text


To view my ideas for new features, known bugs, to report your own bug, or request a feature, hit up the Github repo:


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