Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Aug 19, 2016

Owner: Thoralie

RelicInspector (for Artifacts)

RelicInspector lets you see info about the relics socketed in an artifact weapon in its tooltip—even other people's weapons, which you can't do without an addon.

It allows you to see on the tooltip the Specs that can use a given artifact relic item, similar to how Tier Tokens display usable Classes. This lets you make sure you're giving relics to the right people in your raids.

For 7.3, RelicInspector now also displays Netherlight Crucible powers on your own weapon tooltips and provides a reminder to you when you should visit the Crucible to select a new power.

Who Needs It?

This addon may be especially useful for:

  • Quickly glancing at your weapon or off spec artifacts to see if a relic would be an upgrade
  • Party / Raid Leaders wishing to inspect the gear of their group members
  • Master Looters / Loot Councils to know which specs can use a relic and decide how to distribute them
  • People with off-spec weapons who want to see if relics are useful for other specs
  • Those with insatiable gear envy or who love inspecting people out of curiosity



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