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This addon is still in development. It is a port of my old RegenFu addon from vanilla.


You will need an addon such as TitanPanel to host this for the time being.



  • Shows your HP/MP regen rate, and tracks mana regen 5 second rule statistics. 
  • Min/Max HP/MP Regen Rates 
  • Current HP/MP Tic 
  • Last/Current fight time in mana regen 
  • % of regen time inside the 5 second rule 
  • equivalency ratios for int and spirit to mana5 
  • Multi-fight mana regen data accumulation
  • Click the text on the bar to unlock the 5SR bar and move it around



Still Todo:


  • Localizations
  • 5 Second Rule Countdown Bar
  • Improve tooltip look and feel
  • Options Menu
  • Possibly integrate tech from my ManaMetrics experimental addon