This is a simple addon to change the colors of the player names in all chats.

With patch 1.14.4 it is not possible anymore to change this settings the easy way, so I wrote a little addon for it


What does it do?

It changes the colors of the player names to their class colors.


How does it do it?

It gets a list of all channels you use and you are in. Then the class colors get changed channel by channel.

You technically only have to use this addon once until you change something with the channels you are in.

It automatically gets called, when you join your server.


It didn't work

When the chat is loading too slow, it might require a /reload to work. Usually on slower pcs, with more chat addons or multiple tabs.


Do we still need this with cata?

For cata I checked again with colorChatNamesByClass variable, but it still does not do anything.