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          RCA contains two types of
   reminders during a boss fight.




1)Provides 12 custom Alarms during a boss fight.
You can set the alarm | text | time | icon | sound | position |
and switch triggers to | raid | dungeon | both |

(Use mouse wheel to scroll)

2)Provides Alarms from ExRT notes.
Being a raid dungeon and as part of a raid group,
you can take the list of alarms from the "Exorsus Raid Tools" notes.
The raid leader will need to add a note with | time | spell | your NickName.

ExRT Example:
02:28 [spell:123456] YourNickName, NickName2, NickName3, etc
Where "123456" is Spell Id
(Spaces are needed)

Also you can pretend to be another player (if you replace this person).
To do this, add his nickname in a special menu.

Slash Commands:
/rca - Show the GUI
In case you have disabled the icon on the minimap.


If you find language errors,
or want to help with translation
write me in a discord channel.



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