Provides enemy unit frames when in Battlegounds.


Options: /rbg   /ratbg


Provides UI Unitframes for enemy players when in a battleground. Can show the following:
Name (with or without server)
Power. Options to show any power type or just mana.

Class: Can show class icon. In addition, can optionally change the name or health bar color to the class color.

Rank: Can show PvP Rank
Freedom / Free Action Potion Highlight: Can show a highlight around the unitframe of a player that is under the effects of Blessing of Freedom or Free Action Potion.

Range Fade: Fades the unitframe of enemy players that are out of targetable range.


Features a huge range of customization options to make the frames look however you'd like! Fully integrates with SharedMedia, so any other shared media will be available. Allows customization of frame size, color, fade amount, font, text size, etc!


Features currently being developed:
Sync: Allows the addon to communicate with other members of your team that are also running the addon, to get up to date information on enemies that are outside of your render distance
Skull/Trinket Displays: Tracking trinket/skull usage to display on the frame
AB Support: Adding flag cap timers
WSG Support: Adding clickable frames by the score to easily select both friendly and enemy flag carriers.