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Rare Share: Core


About Rare Share

Rare Share offer's the user the ability to share and receive notifications about rare's that have spawned in their current zone.  When the user selects a rare creature in a zone, they are provided with a push button that allows them to send the rare's name, location, and health percentage to others in the zone via the zone chat channel.  When a user running Rare Share receives a Rare Share zone message, they are provided the rare's name, location, and health percentage.  Note:  Rare Share requires a separate zone module for each zone it works in that specifies the rare's available in that specific zone.  This core project does nothing on its own without one or more zone specific definition modules installed.  The advantage of this design is you only need to load modules for the specific zones you wish to use Rare Share in and other addon authors can easily extend the support of this core addon to new zones by simply writing specific zone modules.

Rare Share also provides the following optional features:

  • Ability to have audio sounds that notify the user when rares are tagged
  • Ability to have automatic TomTom waypoint integration
  • Ability to disable notifications for rares that the user has already completed for the day
  • Ability to append the map pin location to chat announcements

Known Rare Share zone modules: