302 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 24, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1

Choose a random mount or vanity pet at the press of a button. Companions can be weighted to be chosen more or less often, or disabled altogether.



- Weighted random summon of each companion (mounts/pets). You can set your cooler/rarer mounts to be summoned more often than other mounts, without dropping the other mounts out of the random pool. Companion weight can be set per character or account wide.

- When you have a mount/pet targeted, the default summon key will attempt to clone it if you have the same in your possesion



  - Smart default mount bind. The addon automatically choose a type of mount based on whether you can fly, if you are swimming, etc.

  - You can manually set certain flying mounts to be included in the ground mount pool

  - Individual keybinds/slash commands for ground/flying/aquatic/passenger.



  - Auto re-summoning of your pet after logging in/flying/zoning etc.

  - You can set for each re-summoning of your pet to be a random pet based you the weight you set

  - Change your companion every x minutes

  - Auto dismiss your companion when in a raid or when stealthed in pvp


This addon is a rewrite of RandomCompanion.



Open your mount/pet journal and change the sliders at the button to specify weights. By default everything has an equal weight of 1.

Open your key bindings -> Other -> RandomCompanion and bind keys for summon mount. The default "Random Mount" key will auto detect your environment and summon correct mounts (ground/flying/aquatic). Pressing any mount key again while mounted will dismount.



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