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Burning Crusade Classic

The first release for BCC is here (v4.0.1). Due to Blizzard changes I had to redesign the summoning frame, hope you like it. Also please check out my paypal at the bottom of the page.


Raidmembers can type a special keyword in the raidchat (123, summon, sum or port)
Their names will be added to the summon list and syned to all warlocks using the addon
The name can be left clicked to target the raidmember CTRL+left click to remove a member from the list (synced - name will be removed from all addon users)
Finally summon the member with right click and send a message to the raid / whisper (member will be removed from the list - synced)
Drag the frame by holding SHIFT+left click
RaidSummon Frame RaidSummon RightClick RaidSummon Whisper


Open the configuration menu with /rs config or /raidsummon config or via the addon menu
RaidSummon Help

Combat Lockdown

Due to Blizzard restrictions it is not possible to update the summon frame during combat, however after leaving combat it may take up to 10 seconds for the name to be displayed.


Please report any bugs to my GitHub site at

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