Last Updated: Aug 6, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Nov 12, 2016

Owner: Kechlion

RaidInviteHelper hopes to cut down on the issue of the time gap between "Raid invites going out!" and actually getting everybody into the raid. This works cross realm as it saves the entire player string (Player-Servername). Helps when you have lovelies that are raiding with you on weird servers and with weird characters in their name. I'm looking at you ä.


RIH does the following things:

1) Store up to 5 lists of players from your current group. 

2) Add and delete manually from the list. Players can be added by targeting them or by typing their name-server.

3) Invite everyone on the list to a raid.

4) Delete an entire list if you really just hate your raid group.



Use /rih to access the addon.


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