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Version 104 : there is a dropdown near the minimap to load the addon. The red button in the Interface > addOns panel will be gone at some point.


Graphical tweak for Blizzard raid and party frames. For the sorting part check Sort Raid and Party.


To show the Config Panel there is a button in the standard InterfaceOptions.

Config Panel

Localized in french, english and russian.



  • Increase the size of buffs and debuffs (can be bypassed).
  • Hide/show the role icones, names and server names.
  • Disable aura tooltips on mouse enter.
  • Apply alpha to the frame backgrounds, for the units out of range.
  • There are two profiles, one for Raid, and one for Party+Arena.
  • Hide the big border around frames when "display borders" is checked, only the nice little borders will remain.


Nice little border


For enemy arena frames check my other addon SortArenaFrames