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This addon will monitor buffs you can provide, both self-buffs as well as buffs for other people, providing a single button on screen to click to reapply buffs to those who need them and are in range.


Options panel allows configuration of which buffs to track, time remaining on a unit's buff before prompting for refresh (referred to as the "refresh limit").

Prompting to use the party or class versions of buffs (e.g. Prayer of Fortitude or Greater Blessing of Wisdom) when enough units are in range that require the buff. Threshold for the prompt is configurable through the options panel.

Global refresh limit may be overridden to set buff-specific refresh limits.

Certain buffs are grouped in to "exclusives" (e.g. all hunter aspects or all paladin blessings). Manually buffing a different exclusive (e.g. buff someone with Blessing of Might when you have Blessing of Wisdom tracked) will remember and begin tracking that buff for refresh on that target.

Lock button next to the buff button to drag the frame when toggled to unlocked.

Gear button next to the buff button to open the options panel for this addon.


/rbb, /raidrebuff, /raidrebuffbutton, /RaidRebuff, /RaidRebuffButton all open the options panel for this addon.

As this addon works by configuring a secure action button, it is only usable out of combat.


']' and ctrl+mouse wheel down are both bound to the raid rebuff button. Will provide user customization for that in the future.


- Jesup of Myzrael (feel free to find me on the Myzrael discord if you have questions/comments/bug reports/etc.)