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Raid Frame Anchor

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Adds the ability to change the anchor and orientation of the stock Blizzard raid frames, to give you more control of how they grow as more players join your raid.


Adds the following options to your Raid Frames in Edit Mode:

  • Anchor controls which direction the raid frames will grow.
  • (New with Orientation and Row/Column Size control how groups are ordered when Separated Groups is selected.  See below for some warnings, and see Images for some examples.


Important Note:

Due to the nature of Blizzard's Addon API, the Orientation setting is extremely volatile, and will break your raid frames in certain scenarios, such as entering Edit Mode in combat, or players joining or leaving the raid in combat.  Unfortunately I don't think that this is a fixable problem, but the option is included in this addon for players who are willing to take on the risk.  As of Raid Frame Anchor version, players who had previously changed their Orientation setting will have it reverted to default, along with a message about the danger of this setting.  This is a one time thing, to ensure that all users are aware of this danger.



  • Once the addon is installed, enter Edit Mode and click on your raid frames to bring up the settings.
  • Set the Anchor as desired.  For example, if you want the right side of your raid frames to be fixed and the left side to expand, select "Right".
  • If you're using Separated Groups, you can change the Orientation and Row/Column Size.  For example, if you want two rows of groups, with group 2 under group 1, set Orientation to "Vertical" and Column Size to 2.  See above for warnings related to this feature.
  • You can test these settings by changing the Raid Size in Edit Mode to simulate different raid sizes and see how your changes affect them.
  • Save your changes.



  • Only stock raid frames are supported.
  • The Anchor setting is saved per layout, and will persist when exporting the layout or uninstalling the addon.  This setting will revert to normal when saving a layout without the addon installed.
  • The Orientation and Row/Column Size settings are account wide at this time, and will not be exported.  
  • There is no localization at this time, though everything should work with non-english clients.


Future Hopes and/or Dreams:

  • Saving Orientation and Row/Column settings per layout.