Raid Check

35,497 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 14, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

Raid Check

(formerly known as FlaskCheck)

With Raid Check you can see if your raidmembers use consumables.



  • Check consumables of your raid
  • (Automatically) Whisper players that don't use appropriate consumables
  • (Automatically) Announce players that don't use appropriate consumables
  • Whisper single player with ctrl-click on their name
  • Automatically open Raid Check on a readycheck
  • Easy and accessible settings menu
  • (Optional) Vantus Rune checking, select an encounter then target one Boss of the encounter
  • (Optional) Whisper Vantus Rune checks to players
  • (Optional) Minimap Button
  • (Optional) Announce players that don't use appropriate consumables on Boss pull
  • (Optional) Only automatically Announce/Whisper if you are Raid/Group Leader or have Assist

Raid Check currently has up to date Localizations for English, German, Korean, and Traditional Chinese; the remaining Localizations for Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian heavily utilized Google Translate for the newer items.
If you know these languages, or additional WoW supported languages, and would like to contribute please head on over to the Project page and check out Localization Overview.

Raid Check is ready and up to date for patch 8.0.1

Feedback is always appreciated!


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