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Quester enhances the questing experience by improving upon the built-in Quest UI, smoothing some rough edges and providing a few enhancements.

Quester was inspired by SmoothQuest and the add-ons SmoothQuest was based on before it. It is designed entirely for the new questing experience in Warlords of Draenor, and will not function in Mists of Pandaria.

Quester performs following enhancements:

  • Quest levels in the quest log, on the map, in the quest tracker, in NPC dialogs, everywhere!
  • Difficulty coloring of quests
  • Progress coloring red -> green of objectives in the quest tracker
  • Quest progress sounds:
    • "More work?!" when an objective is completed
    • "Job's Done!" if the quest is complete
    • Two sound sets: Alliance Peasant and Horde Peon
  • Colored quest details in unit and item tooltips
  • Objective and quest information is send through LibSink-2.0, and can be fully re-routed
  • Highlight of the most valuable quest reward (in gold value)
  • Move the Objective Tracker to wherever it fits into your UI!

Many of the functions of Quester can be individually turned on/off and configured through the Interface AddOn options, or through /quester