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QuestClicks was originally created during the Wrath of the Lich King era. Blizzard introduced a number of quests that would give you an item you had to take somewhere and use - throw parachutes to troops, thaw people out with a flamethrower, plant acorns in dead dragons - that kind of thing. You had to then dig through your bag to find the item when you got wherever you were going. Maybe create a button for it, only to then have to get rid of the button 3 minutes later when you completed the quest.


Hence, QuestClicks was born. It created these buttons for you in its own customizable button bar. Over the years as WoW evolved, Blizzard then added most (but not by any means all) of these types of items as buttons in the quest tracker. This is great, and somewhat covered the same ground as QuestClicks, so this addon has evolved since then as well.


There are a number of items that still end up lost in your inventory that you could click on to open/use/consume and be done with them. The dynamic button generation system of QuestClicks now has a plethora of options for these types of items, including the following categories:


o Combines - Items that, if you have X number of them, can be combined into a single item. Motes, tradeskill partials, enchanting essences, etc. Also now including 8.3 relic fragements. The button only shows up if you have the required number of items to perform the combine.

o Tradeskill Items - Ores that can be prospected and herbs that can be milled.

o Quest Starters - Any item you pick up that begins a quest

o Toys and Pets - If you pick up a toy/pet item that you don't already know, you will get a button for it.

o Garrison Rewards - Boosters for your champions.

o Recipes - If you pick up a recipe that you are able to learn, and don't already know, you will get a button to learn it.

o Lootable Containers - Emissary reward boxes, 8.3 caches, pretty much anything that you can open to extract goodies from.

o New in 8.3.2 - Zone-Dependent Usables - Items that are only usable in certain zones will now create buttons if you are somewhere they can be used.


In addition, you can add any item you want to the button generation list. For example, I added the 8.3 vessels of horrific visions to my inclusion list so I always have a count of the number i have (if I have any) on the QuestClicks bar. A GUI configuration panel is included in the Interface/Addons section of the Blizzard UI.