Quest Map with Details

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Quest Map with Details

I liked new quest log combined with map in WoD. I didn't like that I could no longer see quest details and quest list at the same time.

With old two-panels quest log you could quickly click through several quests and see their details at a glance, but in WoD when details "overwrite" quest list it was no longer possible - you have to drag mouse all the way to "back" button and then back to quest list where you've stopped previously.

This addon fixes just that and combines best of two logs: quest details now appear in separate panel just like in old quest log, but entire log is still combined with map providing you all new WoD improvements.

May require a wide screen or lower UI scale to see all of map + quest list + quest details + quest NPC.

Change log:

2014-10-29 v2

  • Support Aurora and style quest details frame with its backdrop so it isn't completely transparent.

2014-10-23 v1

  • Initial implementation: quest details and quest NPC portrait are now anchored to the right of quest list, quest list is no longer hidden when you check quest details.


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