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NOTE: The quantify 1.2 release supports the latest version of both Classic and Retail. I'm currently setting the interface version to match Retail, so you will get an addon out of date message while in Classic. It's completely safe to load it anyways and it should work without issues.


For issues, feature requests, or stat requests please submit a new issue here. Or feel free to message me on discord, Aeroxis#2344.



Quantify is a stat tracker aiming to provide meaningful and interesting stats beyond what is available in Blizzard's Statistic Frame. The goal is for quantify to be a tool that can be used to identify trends, personal strengths/weaknesses, and play-styles. Moving forward, the focus will be on creating stats that can answer questions like: Am I leveling efficiently? What dungeons and bosses am I struggling on? How many equipment upgrades am I getting per raid night? Am I farming mats efficiently? How much time am I spending fetching my corpse, AFK, or chilling in the faction hub?



Current Modules

  • Chat - how am I communicating? who am I talking to? what am I saying?
  • Combat - how often am I dying? how many killing blows do I get? Do I ever get brezzed?
  • Currency - how efficiently am I farm gold or other currencies? How much money am earning/spending? Where is my money coming from?
  • EXP - am I leveling efficiently? How long until I reach the next level? Where am I getting XP from? How quickly am I getting azerite xp?
  • Instances - how am I performing in dungeons? which dungeon takes the longest? which boss do I wipe the most on? Which group members do I perform best with?
  • Loot - what items am I looting? how much is this junk worth? how often am I getting my armor type? How often am I getting gear upgrades?
  • Reputation - How long until I get exalted with the Army of the Light? How much rep do I need to get exalted with the Nightfallen? How long until I reach the next reputation level with the Volundai?
  • Time - what am I spending my time doing? 
  • Tradeskill - Am I gathering mats efficiently? What mats am I gathering the most?
  • Zones - what zones am I spending my time in?


Planned features beyond 1.1:

  • configuration options
  • saving and renaming segments
  • sharing stats to chat
  • pet battle stats
  • collection stats
  • pvp and honor gain stats


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