Prydaz Saves

351 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 27, 2017 Game Version: 7.1.5

How does it work:

The addon splits personal/party/raid Prydaz procs in sections, everytime a new section opens, it determines if in the previous section the player would have died without having the Prydaz absorb on himself.


Slash commands:

  • /psaves reset       clears all data and starts over (automatically done between game sessions/reloads)
  • /psaves                  prints all the saves tracked since the last reset
  • /psaves check      prints a list containing all the characters tracked since the last reset
  • /psaves party       prints all the saves tracked in the party channel
  • /psaves raid          same as above, in the raid channel
  • /psaves officer     same as above, in the officer channel
  • /psaves <name>  whispers all the saves tracked to the specified character

The purpose of this addon is to give an idea of how useful this legendary can be


this is a rough, preliminary version.. options, polishing and eventually an interface will be added soon™


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