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This Add-On puts and hold every graphic setting to the max allowed by the engine.

It increases settings present in-game above their limit, but also hidden settings.


Despite what some people think, entering a graphic value above cap won't change the setting at all in most cases.

Some of them must be exactly the max value. I tested every value to be sure they work.

Check screenshots for better reference.


For some settings to work, first you must add the following lines to "Config.wtf" inside "WTF" folder:


SET spelleffectlevel ""
SET smallcull ""
SET extshadowquality ""
SET showfootprints ""
SET environmentDetail ""
SET detailDoodadAlpha ""
SET characterAmbient ""
SET overridefarclip ""
SET horizonfarclip ""


Copy/Paste them at the bottom of the config file without any instance of WoW running, save and install the Add-On.


The more remarkable improvements are:

Weather Particles Density - Spell FX Density - Object Draw Distance - Visible Footprints

Grass Draw Distance - Distant Textures Definition - Ghost Glow Removal - Blood Level


For BCC and WotLKC version now also sets the nameplates distance to its max setting of 41 yd.


Opening the system window overrides custom settings.

You can use "/reload" or wait for the next loggin to get the Add-On values again.