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Protoform Synthesis


!!! Sorry, Blizzard has changed the gui more than I expected.
As a result, the addon currently no longer works.
I must find the time to revise that. !!!

Inspered by another addon (Protoform Synthesis Field Journal), you can see in them what mounts can make in the Protoform Synthesis.

It shows the necessary materials and which mounts have already been unlocked in the Mount Journal.



  • Use the minimap icon to call up:

    - With the left mouse button: the complete mount list.

    - With the right mouse button: only the missing mounts will be displayed.

  • Ctrl+Click = displays a preview of the Mount


Font color / Icon explanation:

  • green / mount: mount built and learned
  • gold / blueprint: only mount schematic plan learned
  • gold / gear wheel: the mount can be built, all items available
  • gray / question mark: neither schematic nor necessary materials available