ProspectBar Lives

29,512 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 30, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

This addon does the following:

  1. Scans bags, for stacks of items that meet certain criteria, and create clickable buttons to perform the tasks shown here.
  2. Mills all herbs found in game that are millable.
  3. Prospect all ores in game, that are prospectable.
  4. Rogues only - Pick the lock, and then clicking again, will open the box.
  5. Disenchant any armor or weapon except for Relic or Legendary as blizzard blocks those.
  6. Create Raw Beast Hide from the Raw Beast Hide Scraps that skinners get.
  7. Open any bags, or chest or token that you get as quest rewards.
  8. Gut, clean, or squeeze all the fish you catch, so you do not get the stinky hands.
  9. Stacks the lesser enchant essences, for combining.
  10. Combines or turns ten items, such as motes, stems, and nuggets into the appropriate item.
  11. Apply AP upgrades to your relic weapon.
  12. Craft Dauntless and Relinquished and Veiled Argunite gear tokens.
  13. Automatically ignores any items in bags, that are assigned to an equipment set. Then if removed from the equipment set, they show up for disenchant, if your character is an Enchanter. (@Morbidtaste for idea)


The size of the buttons can be adjusted, using /pbl scale 1 (any number larger than 2 will make real big buttons).

Movement can be done, either by holding down the CTRL key, while you click and drag the button, if it is locked, or using the right mouse button to click and drag it to where you want it. Once positioned, if it is not locked, you can use the toggle command /pbl lock to lock it, or unlock it.

If you hold down the CTRL key and click the right mouse button on any button that it makes, that item will be ignored and not ever have a button made. If you change your mind later, you can use /pbl ignored to find the item link, and use the command /pbl unhide [link] to restore that item. You can also use /pbl unhide all to clear all the ignore items from the list.

If you want to see the items, even in combat, use /pbl combat to turn off the hide option. You can use /pbl combat to toggle it back on to hide them in combat.

Use /pbl about to show the current version of the addon that you have.

Use /pbl ignored to print a list of the item links that you have ignored. If you want to restore one, or more items, use /pbl unhide, then scroll your chat window, and shift-click the item name, and hit the Enter or Return key to process the command. That item should then show up again, to be available for whatever action fits the item link.

If you use /pbl then you will get a list of the commands.

I have modified the original prospectbar after seeing it was inactive, and the author stated he has lost interest in the game. I combined the code of the macro addon GutNClean by cklaus1 and integrated it with this addon code to allow gutting of fish, and also milling herbs in Draenor. This is currently limited to US English clients. I will try to keep it updated as new patches come out.

As per the original author, I cite the link from which this came, and thank him for all his efforts. update 10/17/2020 - the author link has been removed, because it now leads nowhere.



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