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52,745 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 30, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.0

ProspectMe v2 is Here!

ProspectMe v2 is rebuilt from the ground up, adds full support for Mass Prospecting and Milling, adds support for ItemRefTooltips (chat link tooltips), increased code flexibility (easier to maintain, update, and modify with plugins), and more. Because of the way ProspectMe is now handling its database, to see your v1 data in the addon, you will have to perform a one-time (optional) migration to transfer your data using the command:

/script ProspectMe.Migrate()

If you would like to continue previewing the latest updates to Prospect Me, select the beta here on Curse and via the Curse Client. On you can access the beta via the "Other Downloads" tab. Using the Curse Client, right clicking on "ProspectMe" in the addon list and select Release Type > Beta

Please, please, please, report any issues you see! Post a comment or, better still, submit a ticket on Curse Forge!

Prospect Me v2 Summary


  • *new* Collects and displays data from Mass Prospecting and Mass Milling
  • *new* Displays information on ItemRefTooltips (aka Chat Links), in addition to mouseover tooltips
  • *new* Displays information directly on the Mass Prospect/Mill skills
  • *improved* Display margins and color coded indicators
  • Collect and Display Information about your Prospecting and Milling results
  • User configurable tooltip display preference of your results, costs, and profits
  • Use pricing information from your favorite auction database
  • Works with and enhances your other tradeskill addons

Known Issues:

  • Mass Prospecting/Milling:
    Problem: If your inventory is full or fills up and items end up getting pushed to your mailbox they will not be recorded!
    Workaround: Make sure you either have pre-existing stacks or free inventory slots


  • Add Database Browser
  • Add Disenchant Support

Recommended Usage

Prospect Me is very flexible and should work in any situation where an ingame tooltip is listed for a prospectable or millable item, however to get the most bang for your buck I recommend using one of the two following setups.

Method One

Create a Macro, replacing [Target Ore/Herb] with the full name of the item you wish to use and [Spell Name] with either "Prospecting" or "Milling". Mix this with macro mod-keys for added flexibility.

#showtooltip [Target Ore/Herb]
/cast [Spell Name]
/use [Target Ore/Herb]

Method Two

Add a button to the Mass Prospect/Milling skill to your toolbar. On the chat interface, type in and press enter on the following code, substituting the [SpellID] for the appropriate ID: Mass Prospect Felslate is 225904, Mass Prospect Leystone is 225902, and Mass Mill Yseralline is 210116

/script PickupSpell([SpellID])



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