31,888 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 12, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0

I compiled my other addons into a single addon so I won't have to update multiple projects.




BigButtons - 'A farm tool for Sunsong Ranch.'


Dragon Overlay - 'Provides an overlay on UnitFrames for Boss, Elite, Rare and RareElite'


Enhanced Config (Tukui Ace3 Config for all my projects)


Enhanced Friends List - 'Provides Friends List Customization'


Enhanced Shadows (Does not work in SLE & ChaoticUI) - 'Adds options for registered shadows'


Loot Confirm - 'Confirms Loot for Solo/Groups (Need/Greed/Disenchant)'


Movable Frames - 'Make Blizzard Frames Movable'


Reputation Reward - 'Add Reputation to Quest / World Map Frames'


Square Minimap Buttons/Bar - 'Minimap Button Bar / Minimap Button Skinning'


stAddonManager - 'A simple and minimalistic addon to disable/enabled addons without logging out.'


You can enable / disable these addons in the ProjectAzilroka section in the config.

If it isn't in the list in the config then it's disabled automatically.