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Cooldown Text
* Adjust Text Threshold, Low Threshold colors, Time Indicator colors and Fonts

Aura Reminder
* Add custom spell IDs and setup a reminder icon/sound if they come off cooldown

Sunsong Ranch Farmer
* A farm tool for Sunsong Ranch, customize Farm Tool size and Seed size

* Provides a custom DataBroker bar with custom options like mouseover width and height

* An overlay on UnitFrames for Boss, Elite, Rare and RareElite mobs

Enhanced Friends List
* Friendlist customization for font size, icon style, texture and more

Enhanced Pet Battle UI
* Additional options for pet battles: Enhanced tooltips, portraits, fonts and more

Enhanced Shadows
* Adds options for already registered shadows: Color, Size, Color by class

Faster Loot
* Increases Auto-Loot speed near instantaneous

* Minimalistic Auras(Buffs/Debuffs), Procs and Cooldowns manager

Master Experience
* Shows experience bars for party / battle.net friends with real-time update

* Display Auras(Buffs/Debuffs) on your mouseover target (cursor anchor)

Moveable Frames
* Make Blizzard Frames moveable (e.g. Character Frame, Friendlist, Guild frame)

* Minimalistic class cooldowns options and Masque support

* Audio for Quest progress and completions based on SharedMedia

* Adds reputation into the Quest log and Quest frame

Square Minimap Buttons
* Minimap AddOn button skinning and a bar to gather them all (Options: Mouseover, Shadows, Backdrop and more)

* A simple and minimalistic module to customize the ingame Addon list (e.g. Font, Texture, Width, Height)

* Audio for Target Sounds