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MinimapButtonBag cleans up your Minimap and relocates the buttons in a menu bar. You can still access them through a single minimap button.

If you want to reattach a button to the minimap just use Ctrl + Right click on it.

Use Ctrl + Right click again on the button to put it back into the bar.

Or hold the Ctrl key down and move the mouse cursor over the button. A button to add or remove will appear over that button.

Use Right click on the MinimapButtonBag button to open the options dialog.

This mod is inspired by Thanks to Aaron Griffith for his great work.

Known Bugs with this version

   - unfortunately the button of CTMod2 is nameless.
     You have to edit the CT_Core\CT_Core.lua file and change line 112 from:
    minimapFrame = module:getFrame(minimapFrameSkeleton);
     minimapFrame = module:getFrame(minimapFrameSkeleton, nil, "CTMod2_MinimapButton");
     That\'s the only way.
   - The Gatherer button has the same problem as the CTMod2 button. Edit the Gatherer\GatherMiniIcon.lua file and change line 33 from:

local miniIcon = CreateFrame("Button", "", Minimap); to local miniIcon = CreateFrame("Button", "GathererMinimapButton", Minimap);