This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

[Update](Mostly a repost of my comment below, I thought it needed in an easier place to see)

This is currently Broken
I'm sorry to say that this worked fine before the patch and when I got home today I patched and then updated my toc to test it out, everything seemed to work fine, so I put it up for people to download. Little did I know that they removed the ability to link items of people you are inspecting, a function this addon relied on for many things.
As it is now GetInventoryItemLink() is broke for any but local characters.
I am looking into ways to work around this and will try to ask if this was an intentional change or a bug that cropped up from the patch.

I'll leave the download there if you want to try to find a way to make it work. I really liked this alot but at this point I'm not sure if I can hack in a fix for it.

To sum it up:
When they patched, you can no longer link items from people you are inspecting. When they broke that, they broke gadget.

I am attempting to work around this, but at this point I can't promise anything

Addon Name: Gadget

Version: 0.5

Overview: Gadget is an interface mod that allows you to save players equipment to view at a later time.
I've created this mod to help me know if friends or guildmates could use an item I found or
saw in the auction house for a good price.

-- A window similar to the inspect screen allows viewing of others equipment that you have saved.
-- Automatically updates the people that you have saved when you next target them within the range the game allows you
to retrieve item information.
-- Key bindings to show/hide the Gadget window and to add a player.
-- The Gadget window allows browsing of people you have saved and also allows you to delete the currently viewed player.

Known Issues:

-- Because of the way targeting is handled, if you add yourself to Gadget, it will not automatically update your equipment.
I am looking into ways to change Gadget to allow this. But for now if you use Gadget to view your other characters Equipment when playing alts. Remember to force an update to your character by the add command or the keybind.

-- Players that are in your group but not in the same area can be targeted but thier equipment cannot be viewed until they are close enough. While this is no big problem and they should update the next time you target them at a reasonable distance.
There may be an issue with it clearing items you have already saved. I have tried to avoid this and in my testing this doesn't
happen, but it is something to watch out for. If it happens to you, tell me about it so I can fix it.

-- I am releasing this for testing and ideas. I am new to Lua and as I learn more, the code will be cleaned up and optimized.
(If you look at the code and wonder why I didn't do such and such thing the "easy" way.
Chances are I haven't found out about the easy way yet.)

-- Saved players are not flagged by server. This could cause a rare issue if you save a character on one server,
then try to recall the equipment on another and the item is flagged by the server as not found yet.
So if you plan on making an alt on one of the new servers, please keep this in mind.
This could be an annoying problem if it crashes the game.

/gadget or /ig is what this mod responds to. If there is a shortcut to the command it will be in ().
/gadget add(/iga) -- Adds and saves a targeted player's equipment to Gadget.
/gadget display(/igd) <player> -- Brings up Gadget with the player entered. This is case sensitive.
/gadget list -- Quick list of saved players with a count showed in the chat window.(Useful for debugging.)
/gadget delete <player> -- Removes the player and equipment from Gadget.

Kebinds for adding players and opening/closing Gadget are under the heading Gadget in the keybind list.

Basic Instructions:
To add a player to gadget:
1. Target the player you wish to add.(Only the same faction players can be added.)
2. If you have set up the keybind for add, press it.
Entering /iga or /ig add in the chatbox will also add them.
To display a player in gadget:
1. Type /igd then the player's name you wish to display. This is case sensitive.
2. You can also browse players if you open gadget with the keybind and select the player from the list.
To remove a player from gadget:
1. Type /ig delete then the player's name you wish to delete. This is case sensitive.
2. There is a delete button on gadget. This will delete the player that you are viewing. Use with care.

Things that I would like to add:
Sorting players.
An option to compare equipment of a player with the auction house instead of your own.

Any feedback or bug reports are appriciated.
I hope this is as useful to you as it has been for me.

And last but not least, Thank you to all the other mod authors that have helped me learn by looking at thier code.




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