Profiles: Recount

13,999 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 31, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0

Updated for WoW  7.3


  • Saves main window position of Recount DPS recorder
  • Saves category (Healing done/Damage done/Absorbs etc) of Recount main window
  • Saves HideWindow state of Recount main window

Quick start

  • Make sure you have the latest Recount ( installed and activated
  • Hit /rps save PROFILENAME1
  • Change you Recount UI the way you like it and press /rps save PROFILENAME2
  • To load, do /RPS load PROFILENAME1 or PROFILENAME2

Recommended companion products


  • /rps save <name> - saves the current Recount UI under the <name> example: /rps save Healer
  • /rps load <name>
  • /rps list
  • /rps delete <name>


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