Welcome to ProfessionMaster - the World of Warcraft utility that helps you get the most out of your professions.

ProfessionMaster is currently still under development, so some features may not work correctly or may give errors. If you experience any errors, please report them.

Why should you use ProfessionMaster?

ProfessionMaster provides many useful features for your professions, including leveling guides. But why should you use ProfessionMaster over other profession leveling guides?

ProfessionMaster provides an all-inclusive experience, built directly into your game. Additionally, our leveling advice is tailored to your realm!

When leveling your professions, ProfessionMaster always recommends the recipe that is cheapest for your realm, meaning that you can either buy the cheapest possible materials to level or use the cheapest materials you already have, which will allow you to sell the expensive ones and save gold!

Additionally, ProfessionMaster provides built-in routes to level your gathering professions (or simply to gather materials using your gathering professions). Our gathering routes guide you through the world with a convenient in-game arrow marking the direction and distance to the next step in your route.


ProfessionMaster is a tool that helps you master your professions! ProfessionMaster helps you...

  • Level your professions from 1 to 300 Classic / 1 to 450 WoTLK as fast as possible. (Not all steps and recipes are ready yet as the addon is still under development (max level is currently 75))
  • Find the cheapest recipe to level your profession to the next level.
  • Get customizable gathering routes for your profession directly in-game.
  • Know which gathering routes are currently the least and most used by other players.
  • Know how many ores/herbs other players on your realm are currently getting on any of our gathering routes.
  • Know the cheapest way to craft any recipe - which materials you should craft yourself, which you should buy at a vendor, which at the Auction House.
  • Receive a reminder when you can train the next level of your profession (Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, etc.) so you never again forget to train your gathering professions.
  • Know which recipes you can train without being at a trainer.
  • Find out what a material is used for, to know whether you should keep it or auction it.

With many more features to come, such as:

  • Complete guides to max level
  • Settings menu with customizations.
  • Know which recipes can be crafted for the largest profit, as well as how likely individual products are to sell in your realm.
  • Know which recipes can be crafted to level your professions without having to purchase any materials at the Auction House.
  • Find where to get every recipe for your professions, to allow you to easily unlock every single recipe.
  • Localization
  • And much more! 

Get in touch

As the addon is still under development, it is likely you may have questions, bugs to report, or additional features to request. Currently, the best way to reach out to our team is on our Discord at https://discord.gg/zbNhdJD3gM - the server is currently, like the addon, unfinished and kind of empty, but feel free to join either way and we will try our best to answer your questions or concerns.