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Primal Combo Points is a combo point monitor I wrote for an unreleased a UI for Feral Druids. It always shows your combo points and plays a sound when reaching 5 combo points but doesn't really allow for much notable configuration.

PrimalComboPoints screenshot

Use /pcp or /primalcombopoints to open the configuration panel. You can lock the combo point display's position and toggle whether a sound notification is played upon reaching 5 combo points.

GitHub: https://github.com/Primal-UI/PrimalComboPoints


This AddOn used to be interesting for being able to always show combo points based on monitoring COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED for every event that tells us something about combo points (this only worked for Druids). Since the number of combo points is easily obtainable using UnitPower() now (thankfully), this AddOn doesn't do anything too special anymore. But it's still a perfectly fine combo point monitor.