Pretty Reps


Pretty Reps

Pretty Reps allows you to view account-wide reputations in the reputation window on any character.


  • View your highest account-wide reputations on any character.
  • Easily switch between Pretty Reps and the default reputation view for the current character.
  • Replicates the default reputation visual style.
  • Optional enhancements such as:
    • Favourites - Mark reputations as favourite to show them at the top.
    • Unobtainable - Move reputations that can no longer be earned to an unobtainable group unless you already have exalted.
    • Hide the unobtainable and inactive groups.
    • Display the number of earned and total exalted reputations for each group.
    • Display the name of the character that earned the reputation when you hover over it.
    • Hide guild reputation.
    • Replace exalted bars with paragon bars for the current character (if paragon is active).
    • Hide the paragon reward icons or show them only when a reward is available.
    • Display reputations from both horde and alliance.


  • Simply enable the addon and log into each character once. Blizzard only sends reputation data for the character that is logged in so you must log into each character with the addon enabled in order to gather all of your reputation data.


Pretty Reps modifies the reputation window's functionality and may conflict with other addons that do the same.


Pretty Reps tab on a new character:

Default UI tab on level one character:

Options panel:



View highest reps from both factions at the same time: