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PortGear automatically swaps any gear with a teleport effect back to what you originally had equipped, such as the three guild Orgrimmar/Stormwind cloaks, the Kirin Tor rings, the Brawl rings, and so on.

The following will result in port gear being swapped to the previous item (if there was a previous item):

  • item is not in the currently equipped set (if there are saved sets)


  • item was not worn at login/reload or /portgear wasn't used since it was equipped


  • player successfully uses the port gear

Use the slash command /portgear (or /pg for short) to "save" all changed non-set port gear after login/reload so they won't get swapped. The gear you are wearing will be remembered at login/reload, so /portgear is to save you from doing a /reload. If you use the Equipment Manager for all gear or don't normally wear port gear, you do not need to worry about /portgear. For example, if you don't save your tabards in sets and equip a port tabard, use /portgear to keep the tabard on if you use it.

If, for some reason, I have not updated this addon in a timely manner for new items, simply open gearlist.lua and add them at the bottom using the itemID.

As a sort of nod, this addon was born from using TeleportCloak. That addon has been great to me for almost two years, but some minor issues encouraged me to try my own.

PortGear is only hosted on Curse and WoWInterface.


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